New Release of DZynSource Mold Engineering Software

A new version of DZynSource Mold Engineering Software is live on our web site.  Now with more features than ever.  You can now calculate how much a mold cavity will expand, with either a through-hole, or a blind cavity pocket.

Circular disc bending and deflection can now be calculated.  This is great for check the strength of a round core with a top center gate.  There are a total 4 options in this section: perimeter fixed or supported with uniform load, or smaller concentric load on either support type.

There’s a new capacity and utilization feature that covers single or multiple mold packages, and automatically calculates how many parts per day, week, 4 weeks, and per year all based on your input.

There are many more additions to the software, and I’ll be posting on them in the near future.

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