DZynSource Mold Engineering Software Feature List

DZynSource Mold Engineering

Software Feature List

Unit Conversions Section – Over 300 separate conversions

Converter for Hours into Days or Weeks

D.C. Electrical Calculations: 9 Different Ohm’s Law Calculations

Fluids Calculations:
Bubbler sizing
Continuity Eq.
Equivalent Hydraulic Diameter – General Case
Equivalent Hydraulic Diameter – Annular Channel
Hydraulic Cylinder Calculations
Pneumatic Cylinder Calculations
Pressure Losses (Darcy’s Equation)
Pressure Loss or Flow Rate Through an Orifice
Pressure Losses in Valves and Fittings
Reynolds Number Calculations

Galvanic Table

Gate Sizing: Hot Tip, Edge Gate, & Sub-Gate

Helix and Cam Angles

Hot Runner Checklist – set up as a word processor so you can add your own items.

Machining Calculations:

effective Cutter Diameter
Feed Rate / Feed Per Tooth
Inches per minute <> Inches Per Revolution
Surface Feet Per Minute
Surface Roughness
3-Sided Cutter Angle Calculator

Material Properties:

36 different molds making steels, aluminums, and high conductivity alloys.
Can open up to 4 properties lists for easy comparison.

Mold and Plate Weight Calculator: steel or aluminum, based on solid block size

Molding Calculations:

Chiller Sizing, includes the number of BTU’s of heat to be removed per hour, the gallons per minute of  water required to remove the heat content of the plastic.

Clamp force table, by material type
Cooling Time Estimator – Ballman Shusman method
Colorant Let Down Weight Calculator
Minimum Mold Open Time- time for the highest part to drop below the mold
Pounds or Kilograms of Material per hour
Plastic Shrink Rate Table and Steel and Plastics Size Calculator
Tie Bar Stretch

Production Calculations:
Pounds or Kilograms of Material per hour (Second location, for convenience)
Molding Capacity: single or multi-molds.  Parts per minute, hour, day, week,4 weeks, and year.
Converter for Hours into Days or Weeks (Second location, for convenience)
Number of cavities required, based on production needs.
Number of plastic parts that can be molded in a given time.
Time to mold a certain quantity of parts.

Runner Size Calculator

Strength of Materials Calculations:
Beam Deflections, 9 different loading and support scenarios
Circular discs, fixed or supported circumference, uniform load or spot load
Round Cavity Expansion, due to internal pressure.  Through bore or blind pocket.
Elastic Strain:
Uniform Cross-section, single material
Uniform Cross-section, two materials assembly
Tapered Cross-section, single material
Hoop Stress
Leader Pin Bend Calculator, with 1, 2, or 3 moving plates; with plate weight estimator
Long Column with central loading, critical load calculator
L/K Test to determine if the long column calculator is the appropriate method.
Moment of Inertia Calculator, also calculates area, Radius of Gyration, Section Modulus,  and   distance to extreme fiber of 10 common geometric shapes.

Mold Plate Expansion due to internal pressure.  Designed especially for side action molds.        Includes blind or through pocket comparison.

Surface Finish Tables: SPI/SPE comparison, RA vs. RMS inch and metric, grinding grit & VDI

Thermal Calculations:

Thermal Expansion Coefficient calculator for 30 different mold making metals.  Calculate  expansion, initial size, or final size.

Chiller Sizing, includes the number of BTU’s of heat to be removed per hour, the gallons per minute of  water required to remove the heat content of the plastic. (Second location, for convenience)

Thread Properties:

Three wire size, also includes largest, smallest and best wire size.  Inch and metric.

Pipe Threads: Tap drills size for N.P.T. and B.S.P.T. threads, with & w/out pipe reamer.
Properties of Threads: includes major, minor, and tap drill diameters.  Also includes        tensile stress area and a torque calculator.


Circular segment calculator
Decimal degrees to Degrees, Minute, Seconds Converter.  Works for both directions.
Right Angle Trigonometry.
Roll Dimension Calculator, Obtuse and acute angles.
Sine plate gage block calculator.
Tooling ball dimension calculator.

Unscrewing Mold Calculations

Vent Calculator
Vent depth table, by material type.
Vent width calculator.

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