Calculate Optimum Diameter For Cutter Or Part

When machining, it is occasionally desirable to calculate the appropriate diameter of either the cutter (i.e. milling) or the workpiece (i.e. turning) when the Surface Feet per Minute are known, and the RPM’s are established.

The equation used in this calculation is:  Diameter =  (SFM  /  RPM)  /  (Pi * 12)

where, SFM = Surface Feet per Minute,
RPM = Revolutions per Minute, and
Pi = 3.141592654

When using DZynSource Mold Engineering Software to do the calculation, go to “Machining Calculations” / “Surface Feet Per Minute” and then choose “Diameter” from the option boxes.

ScreenHunter_02 Apr. 28 19.26Enter the RPM’s and he surface feed per minute in the appropriate text boxes.  Press Calculate.  The answer appears in the Answer frame.

Use the Clear button to clear all fields, however this is not necessary in order to do another calculation.  You may simply type over the previous entries.

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