• Calculate Optimum Diameter For Cutter Or Part

    Calculate Optimum Diameter For Cutter Or Part

    When machining, it is occasionally desirable to calculate the appropriate diameter of either the cutter (i.e. milling) or the workpiece (i.e. turning) when the Surface Feet per Minute are known, and the RPM’s are established. The equation used in this calculation is:  Diameter =  (SFM  /  RPM)  /  (Pi * 12) where, SFM = Surface […]

  • DZynSource Mold Engineering Software Feature List

    DZynSource Mold Engineering Software Feature List

    DZynSource Mold Engineering Software Feature List Unit Conversions Section – Over 300 separate conversions Converter for Hours into Days or Weeks D.C. Electrical Calculations: 9 Different Ohm’s Law Calculations Fluids Calculations: Bubbler sizing Continuity Eq. Equivalent Hydraulic Diameter – General Case Equivalent Hydraulic Diameter – Annular Channel Hydraulic Cylinder Calculations Pneumatic Cylinder Calculations Pressure Losses […]

  • New Release of DZynSource Mold Engineering Software

    New Release of DZynSource Mold Engineering Software

    A new version of DZynSource Mold Engineering Software is live on our web site.  Now with more features than ever.  You can now calculate how much a mold cavity will expand, with either a through-hole, or a blind cavity pocket. Circular disc bending and deflection can now be calculated.  This is great for check the […]

Mold Engineering Software by DzynSource

mold engineering software screenshotA Mold Engineering Resource

DZynSource Mold Engineering Software automates many of the calculations that can be used designing, checking, and troubleshooting plastic injection molds.  DzynSource is easy to use; for most features simply choose the calculation you want to perform, enter the known data, and press Calculate. The answers appear quickly. Think how much time this will save you the next time your customer calls and asks “How many gallons per minute of water do we need to run this mold?” or “How many gallons of oil per minute does our pump need to supply for the cylinder?” Or when you need to know if the mold plate you’ve chosen is strong enough to keep that “A” side action from stretching to the point of flashing.

DZynSource Mold Engineering Software
Increases Your Bottom Line

  • Make your molds run faster
  • Optimize mold cooling design and pressure losses
  • Choose the right metal for your mold component
  • Build better molds the first time
  • Plan for thermal expansion and contraction
  • Specify appropriately sized chillers, cylinders, valves, and pumps
  • Size mold plates appropriately
  • Specify correct components and fasteners
  • Troubleshoot molds and molding processes
  • Over-design is expensive
  • Under-design can be disastrous

At $197, this mold engineering software is a tool that you can’t be without.  There will be times where each use will save you hours of time.  Some calculations are complicated, and can take an hour or more, if not done regularly.  Instead of looking through notes and books for the appropriate formula or equation, all of your engineering calculations are automated in one convenient location.

Have you ever seen an “A” side action mold flash due to an under-designed plate?  Imagine the money saved if you avoid just one engineering mistake!